Your life CAN feel better.


It seems that being a clairsentient intuitive has a lot to offer. I listen, and, I see.

I've been using Emotional Freedom Techniques since 2009. Tapping changed my life, so doing it professionally was the natural next step.

Being clairsentient/intuitive/empathic, I feel what's going on with a person. Just talking with someone who listens, someone who cares, can bring insights that heal the soul. We go a step further with the bothersome memories and beliefs, to free ourselves from the space they take up in our energy, using this almost silly-looking technique, tapping. IT WORKS.

You can go around and around, thinking you know what's making you miserable, yet it seems you can't resolve it. Let's take a look at it, together. The tapping technique is amazing. 

Would you be opposed to giving it a test run?

You can reach me on 703-300-9191

PayPal, credit cards/debit cards, Venmo accepted. Payment to be made upon setting appointment. Sessions are $160. We meet via phone or Zoom.

An article of one client's experience, touched by God's healing. 
One of my favorite success stories! Click this link. Go to pages 28-29.

DISCLAIMER: Katie Vereshchaka is not a licensed health practitioner, nor doctor, nor psychologist, nor does she replace any of these in a client's life. Each client agrees to take full responsibility for their own well-being.


Katie has changed my life, truly. When I first met Katie, I was going through severe grief, and depression. I felt completely lost. I had lost my sense of self and my direction in life.  At the same time, I was experiencing some recurring health issues and struggling in a job that I didn't want to be in. I had been going to a therapist, for about a year, before I met her. It was helpful to talk with someone, but I didn't really see any change in my life. From my very first session with Katie, I felt relief and hope. After just a few sessions, I was a completely new person. My health was returning; I was able to manage my grief and feel joy again; and I made a decision to leave my job and start my own business; I'm in a new, loving relationship; I feel good and joyful. Katie's tapping technique is very powerful. However, I believe she is able to get such significant results with her clients because of spot-on intuition. She asked me questions that I had never thought of, but went right to my subconscious thoughts, which enabled me to release, or change, that thought immediately. Katie is a beautiful, caring person with such a sweet nature. I am so grateful that she came into my life. ~J.C. 

Working with Katie has been so beneficial for me. At our first session, I felt a relief that I hadn't experienced before. The effectiveness of our work together has really allowed me to move forward and overcome some long-standing and new challenges that have bogged me down. Having recently gone through one of the most painful and trying experiences in my personal history, I am sure that I would not be in the place that I am now, without the help of EFT and my work with Katie. ~M.O.

Katie Vereshchaka is a remarkable EFT practitioner and I highly, highly recommend her! I've had EFT sessions with several different practitioners over the years; sessions with Katie are consistently effective and the results are nothing short of amazing. Thank you, Katie! ~N.T.

I have been using Katie Vereshchaka's EFT Services consistently over the past six months for a series of varying long-standing emotional issues and blockages stemming all the way back from my childhood. The results have truly been amazing and miraculous! My fears, depression, emotional blockages, and physical pain really kept me stuck in some dark and paralyzing places for so long. Her intuition is spot on as well! She walks you step by step through whatever emotional or physical pain you are facing and helps you come out the other side where you feel peace and insight about the root cause. I highly recommend her services! She's been a miracle for me... ~J.P.
I didn't realize just how powerful EFT was until I had my first session with Katie. I was diagnosed with Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome about 5 or 6 years ago. I didn't get monthly periods and had to rely on medication and hormones for a regular menstrual cycle. After asking a few questions, Katie was able to intuitively zoom in on insecurity issues from my childhood and teenage years as a contributing factor. They were issues I didn't realize I still carried as an adult, which affected how I felt about myself - unattractive, unnoticed. That's why I initially came to Katie, self image issues. We did several rounds of tapping and positive affirmations about self-love and acceptance of self. To my complete surprise, my period came on its own the month after the session! I've had a monthly cycle ever since our session WITHOUT hormones or medication. Katie is amazing. She's able to get right to the source of your emotional discomfort, fear or anxiousness. For anyone who is the slightest bit skeptical of EFT's effectiveness, let Katie show you how EFT can heal. She has certainly made a believer out of me. ~L.M.

Since I began working with Katie, I have been continually blown away by her talents as a practitioner, and her uncanny ability to "feel" me, what is going on in my experience, knowing where I need to heal, and compassionately diving straight to the heart of the matter. In our first session we worked on my jaw, which had been locking and causing me pain. She helped me to see that it was "more comfortable to keep my mouth closed than to open it", and to connect that to the people -- past and present -- who have triggered those feelings. It was a major "aha" for me. By the end of the session, the pain was completely gone! I thought maybe the depth of the session was just a lucky "one-off". However, instead, our sessions just keep getting better and better, the longer I work with her. Since she's been in my life, my healing process has accelerated faster than a speeding bullet, convincing me that Supercucha is indeed a Superheroine! I feel incredibly grateful to have found this amazing intuitive healer, and know with every ounce of my being that she will be wildly successful.
-Jennifer, EFT Practitioner

Last fall, out of nowhere, I was hit with severe anxiety and panic attacks on a daily basis and I had no idea why. The physical symptoms it created were horrible and caused me to call 911 and make a couple of trips to the ER. It was almost to the point where I was afraid to leave my house and I was worried I would become agoraphobic for life. I’ve had EFT sessions with Katie before for pain and another time a bad breakup, so while I was trying to figure out what was wrong with me, I turned to her for help. Katie was there for me anytime I needed her, and I needed her quite a bit! Her phone sessions made all of the difference in the world! I finally found out my anxiety and panic issues were hormonal stemming from severe menopause symptoms. Without Katie’s help, I never would have been able to make it to doctor’s appointment or to work. Even when an attack was at its worse, I felt better after one round and by the time the session was complete, the anxiety was gone and my attacks had been lasting for hours! Katie’s voice is very soothing and she has a gentleness about her that is very comforting. I highly recommend Katie for EFT support. ~T.M.

Working with Katie has been so life-changing!! She is a master at using EFT and talking me through the various exercises. What makes Katie heads and tails above anyone that I have ever worked with, is her use of intuition while taking you through EFT. Katie is a gifted reader who knows exactly what you need to heal, grow and change. She is gentle, non-judgmental and extremely loving, just like you are speaking with your very best friend! EFT with Katie and her gifted natural abilities has changed my life in so many ways. There have been times that Katie can see the bigger picture, and she can tell me what I need to work on, without me even having to ask. I highly, without any hesitation, recommend anyone who needs help getting through a challenging time, needing guidance, or just needing to be heard. Katie has a gift that makes her EFT such a healing and loving experience! ~N.J.  

For me, my life is much more emotionally, spiritually organized with Katie in it. I am constantly amazed at her ability to use her intuitive gifts to pinpoint what situations are running around in my life and help me not only to think about certain issues, but more importantly, to think through them together to get to a solution. Our intuitive EFT sessions together are a complete energy shift for me. I consider them extremely valuable and one of the greatest investments for my life. The mind is a living vessel, filled with one's potential and the sum of one's life experiences. It constantly needs fine tuning in order for a person to truly live a life with purpose and intention. Intuitive EFT helps unlock the vessel and open new opportunities otherwise overlooked. It is a sounding board for my life and a neutral voice to make sure what I sow always reaps a benefit. I find myself better able to connect with people and to accomplish greater goals when I always have my mind aligned with my actions and my intent. For me, intuitive EFT with Katie always accomplishes that. It is an effective way to connect the mind with the spirit and the body, specifically designed to have people reach a higher level in their life: to be a first rate version of themselves, rather than a second-rate version of others. ~L.H.

Katie, I came to you feeling blocked and fearful of moving towards a more creative career. Your intuition in getting to core issues and finding the right wording was so helpful. There were times where I was so upset you would say the words for me, and the words you chose guided me directly to certain feelings and dynamics at play for me. At other times, your words helped me shift perspectives and see past experiences and mental "rules", in a way I might not have on my own. Doing EFT on my own has always been hit or miss, but working with you helped reveal memories and emotions I never touched on alone. I felt at ease with you, never judged and always accepted as someone who simply needed healing. ~L.S.

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